Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 5x10

Directed by

Fred Armisen as Sal & Al's CustomerJohn C. Reilly as Dr. Steve BrulePaul Rudd as Paul RuddBen Stiller as SelfIvan Allen as Announcer (voice)

The half-hour series finale. Tim and Eric are gearing up for the holidays when they begin to lactate. Thinking quickly, the boys (and Eric's son Koi) decide to bottle their man milk to give as holiday gifts. However, they neglect to pasteurize the milk, killing everyone. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller and Ben Hur join forces to form the dynamic comedy duo Ben StillHur, Cinco unveils its Privacy Helmet, David Liebe Hart sings about overseas STDs, and Paul Rudd watches dancing men on a computer and becomes smitten with Tayne.

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