Request Used
!req One-Punch Man S01E12 [128-133] ::EDITED:: --stroke-width 2 1
!req JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S03E39 [120-121] 1
!req Steins;Gate S01E21 [Huh?] [My watch isn't working.] [That's strange.] [I just wound—] 1
!req SPY x FAMILY S01E01 [Karen, let's break up.] [What?] [I'm afraid I can't sense any intelligencein your conversations.] 0
!req Puss in Boots: The Last Wish 2022 [What's the matter?] [Lives flashing before your eyes?] [No. Just one.] [I'm done running.] 1
!req JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S03E03 [Yo, Angelo!] 0