Request Used
!parallel Death Note S01E37 [19:52]|Blade Runner 2049 [02:31:29]|Cowboy Bebop S01E26 [19:23] 1
!parallel The Lighthouse [01:07:46]|Dune 2021 [01:09:11]|The Lighthouse [01:08:28] 1
!parallel Solaris [02:45:00]|stalker [02:22:56]|The Sacrifice [02:20:09] 1
!req a brighter summer day [819-822] --dimensions 2x2 1
!req in bruges [47-50] 1
!req Chungking Express 1994 [On May 1, 1994,] [a woman wishes mehappy birthday.] [Now I'll remember herall my life.] 1
!req smiling friends S01E02 [68-70] 1
!req The Tatami Galaxy S01E02 [Movies must definitely not be allowed to be poisoned by commercialism!] 1
!req The Tatami Galaxy S01E11 [257][258][259 --plus 1000][260] ::EDITED:: --font-color yellow --font-size 25 1
!req tatami galaxy s01e10 [08:31][21:04] 1
!req Better Call Saul S03E03 [Here's what'sgonna happen.] [One day,you're gonna get sick... Again.] [One of your employeesis gonna find you curled up] [in that space blanket,take you to the hospital,] [hook you up to those machinesthat beep and whir and... Hurt.] [And this time,it'll be too much.] [And you will...Die there.] [Alone.] [There's my ride.] 1
!req Collateral 2004 [A guy gets on the MTA here in L.A.and dies.] [Think anybody will notice?] 1