Darshan Panchal

Request Used
!req Green Book 2018 [You asked me oncewhy Dr. Shirley does this.] [I tell you.] [Because genius is not enough.] [It takes courageto change people's hearts.] 1
!req The Dark Knight Rises 2012 [Shouldn't the people knowthe hero who saved them?] [A hero can be anyone.] [Even a man doing somethingas simple and reassuring...] [as putting a coat around a young boy'sshoulders to let him know...] [the world hadn't ended.] 1
!req Synecdoche, New York 2008 [You realize you are not special.] [You have struggled into existenceand are now slipping silently out of it.] [This is everyone's experience.Every single one.] 1
!req Watchmen 2009 [Men get arrested.] [Dogs get put down.] 1
!req Paprika 2006 [ln a world of inhumane reality...] [it is the onlyhumane sanctuary left.] 1
!req True Detective S01E01 [I think human consciousnessis a tragic misstep in evolution.] [We became too self-aware.] 1
!req The Dark Knight Rises 2012 [A lot of loyalty for a hired gun!] [Well, perhaps he's wonderingwhy someone would shoot a man...] [before throwing him out of a plane.] 1
!req Peaky Blinders S01E03 [You think I'm a whore.] [Everyone's a whore, Grace.] [We just sell different partsof ourselves.] 1