Request Used
!req Before Sunset 2004 [But you have to think that Notre Dame will be gone one day.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E01 [I shoot Mr. Marlow twice,] [severing jugulars and carotidswith near-surgical precision.] [He will die watching me takewhat is his away from him.] [This is my design.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E02 [If you walk through a fieldof mycelium,] [they know you are there.They know you are there.] [The spores reach for youas you walk by.] [I know who you're reaching for.I know.] [Abigail Hobbs.] [And you should have let meplant her.] [You would have found herin a field,] [where she was finally ableto reach back!] 1
!req Hannibal S01E13 [434-437] 1
!req Hannibal S01E08 [Powder on the wound.] [Rosin from the bow.] [I wanted to play him.] [I wanted to create a sound.] [My sound.] [This... is my design.] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Saw 2004 [Congratulations. You are still alive.] [Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.] [But not you. Not any more.] 1
!req Saw 2004 [I want to play a game.] [Here's what happens if you lose.] [The device you're wearingis hooked into your upper and lower jaws.] [When the timer on the back goes off,] [your mouth will be permanently ripped open.] [Think of it like a reverse bear trap.] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Star Wars 1977 [I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan.We meet again at last.] [The circle is now complete.] [When I left you, I was but the learner.] [Now I am the master.] [Only a master of evil, Darth.] [Your powers are weak, old man.] [You can't win, Darth.If you strike me down,] [I shall become more powerfulthan you can possibly imagine.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E01 [What are you doing in here?] [I enjoy the smellof urinal cake.] [Me too. We need to talk.] [USE THE LADIES' ROOM!] ::EDITED:: yes ::EDITED:: --no-collage --font-size 28 ::EDITED:: --no-collage --stroke-width 4 1
!req Hannibal S01E01 [Everyone has thoughtabout killing someone,] [one way or another,] [be it your own handor the hand of God.] [Now think about killingMrs. Marlow.] [Why did she deserve this?] [Tell me your design.] [Tell me who you are.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E03 [I don't know how I'mgonna feel about eating her] [after all this.] [Eating her is honoring her.] [Otherwise, it's... it's just...] [murder.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E03 [So killing somebody,] [even if you have to do it,] [it feels that bad?] [It's the ugliest thing in the world.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E12 [How many peoplehave you killed?] [Many more than your father.] [Are you going to kill me?] [I'm so sorry, Abigail.] [I'm sorry I couldn't protect youin this life.] 1
!palette Carrie 1976 [1:19:51] 1
!req Hannibal S01E07 [Before we begin,you must all be warned:] [nothing vegetarian.] [Bon appétit.] 1
!req Hannibal S01E13 [Hello, will.] [Hello, dr. Lecter.] 1
!req Watchmen 2009 [Tell me about Rorschach.Will you do that, Walter?] [You keep calling me Walter.I don't like you.] [You don't like me.All right, why is that, exactly?] [You're fat.] 1
!req Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor 2013 [And what am I?] [- Have you really forgotten?- Yes.] [Maybe, yes.] [We've got enough warriors.Any old idiot can be a hero.] [Then what do I do?] [What you've always done.] [Be a Doctor.] 1
!req Doctor Who S02E13 [What?] [- What?- Who are you?] [- Where am I?- What?] [- What the hell is this place?- What?] 1
!req Doctor Who S04E13 [I'll watch out for you, sir.] [- You can't ever tell her.- No, no.] [But every night, Doctor,] [when it gets dark and the stars come out,] [I'll look up.] [On her behalf, I'll look up at the sky] [and think of you.] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Doctor Who S05E10 [To my mind, that strange, wild manwho roamed the fields of Provence] [was not only the world'sgreatest artist,] [but also one of the greatest menwho ever lived.] ::EDITED:: --font-size 27 --font nfsans 1
!req Doctor Who S05E01 [451-456] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Doctor Who S05E01 [800-802] ::EDITED:: --stroke-width 3.5 --font-size 27 1
!req Doctor Who S01E13 [before I go I just wanna tell you,you were fantastic.] [Absolutely fantastic.] [And do you know what?] [So was I.] ::EDITED:: --font-size 27 --stroke-width 3.5 1
!req Doctor Who S01E02 [That was five billion years ago.] [So...] [She's dead now.] [Five billion years later,my mum's dead.] 1
!req Doctor Who S04E13 [The Doctor. The man who keeps running,] [never looking backbecause he dare not, out of shame.] [This is my final victory, Doctor.] [I have shown you yourself.] ::EDITED:: --no-collage --font nfsans --font-size 27 1
!parallel Breaking Bad S02E01 [01:25] | Smiling Friends S01E01 [Pim, can we watchsomething else?] [8:33 AM] 1
!req Doctor Who S01E13 [What are you?Coward or killer?] [Coward] [Any day-] 1
!req Doctor Who S01E13 [- What have you done?- I looked into the Tardis.] [And the Tardis looked into me.] 1
!req The Silence of the Lambs 1991 [131-136] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor 2013 [And what am I?] [- Have you really forgotten?- Yes.] [Maybe, yes.] [We've got enough warriors.Any old idiot can be a hero.] [Then what do I do?] [What you've always done.] [Be a Doctor.] -dimensions 1x7 1
!req Doctor Who S03E10 [It was raining when we met.] [It's the same rain.] 1
!req Doctor Who S03E10 [People assume that time is a strictprogression of cause to effect,] [but actually from a non-linear,non-subjective viewpoint,] [it's more like a big ball ofwibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.] ::EDITED:: --font-size 28 --stroke-width 4 ::EDITED:: --font-size 28 --stroke-width 4 --contrast -10 1
!req Doctor Who S04E13 [They will never forget her,] [while she can never remember.] [And for one moment,] [one shining moment,] [she was the mostimportant woman in the whole wide universe.] [She still is. She's my daughter.] 1
!req Doctor Who S01E01 [I'm...I'm in my dressing gown.] [Yes, you are.] [There's a strange manin my bedroom.] [Yes, there is.] [Well, anything could happen.] [No.] --dimensions 2x3 ::EDITED:: --font-size 29 1
!req Doctor Who S01E09 [373-378 --plus 100] 1
!req Batman 1966 [What weighs six ounces,sits in a tree and is very dangerous?] [- A sparrow with a machine gun.- Yes, of course.] 1
!req Batman 1966 [346-347] 1
!req The Last of Us S01E07 [46:50] 1
!req tv://121 S12E16 [11-13] 0
!req tv://121 S26E14 [245-249] 1