Brandon McCabe

Request Used
!req The World's End 2013 [Oh, fuck. Andy, what's happening?][Gary thinks we should keep on with the crawl because they know what we're doing,][but they don't know that we know what they're doing.][And basically no one else has a better idea, so fuck it.][54:54] 1
!parallel Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood 2019 [That was Polanski.][That was Roman Polanski.] | The Big Lebowski 1998 [Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude. Yeah.][No, he's a sex offender with a record.] 1
!req The Northman 2022 [14] [50] [14] [14] [50] 1
!req Desperado 1995 [Hello? Hello?][Shit!][What's the number tо the phone in my car?][Fuckheads, what's the number tо my car phone?][Number!][It's in your car, boss.][What's the fucking number tо the phone in my car?] 1
!req The Boys S01E01 [This is like that scene in The Matrix.][Now, you could take the fucking red pill, right?][Spend the rest of your life jacking off, Or...][you could take the blue pill.][Or is it the red pill? Anyway, take the other pill][- and quit being a cunt. - Which pill do you want me to take?][Just quit being a cunt. That's what I'm saying.][Fuck Me. Okay.] 1
!req Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day 2009 [Just a second. Randy?][You don't need the hat, buddy, okay?][Here, take it.][It looks... you look good.][Looks tough.][Really? -Yeah.][Julian told him he looked tough. Think he started to believe it, but…][He does not look tough, he looks fucked.] 1
!parallel Airplane! 1980 [989] | Scary Movie 3 2003 [1116] 1
!req Garth Marenghi's Darkplace: Season 1, Episode 6 [Ooh! One moment. Nature calls, if you know what I mean][I'll just leave you briefly by this air vent.][Aah!][Oh! God...][What is it?][I forgot to flush!][Ugh, oh!] 0