Request Used
!req Arrested Development S02E15 [- Michael. Been lookin' for you.- Looks like you're looking for dragons,in the future.] 0
!req Joe Pera Talks With You S02E11 [My wife's boyfriendis my agent.] 1
!req The Banshees of Inisherin 2022 [I don't give a feck about Mozart,] [or Borvoven,] [or any of them funny name feckers.] 0
!req Joe Pera Talks With You S02E02 [You'd hardly knowthat just 30 minutes ago,] [I was experiencingintense emotional pressure] 1
!req Adventure Time S07E15 [I thinkI just killed someone.] 0
!req Arrival 2016 [So, what happens now?] [They arrive.] 0
!req Succession S01E08 [Greg tells meyou swallowed your own load.] [Yeah, It was— Yeah.It was pretty wild.] [It's cool, though,'cause it's like I didn't cheat] ['cause all the spermstayed in my own body.] 0