Request Used
!req Arrested Development S02E15 [- Michael. Been lookin' for you.- Looks like you're looking for dragons,in the future.] 1
!req Joe Pera Talks With You S02E11 [My wife's boyfriendis my agent.] 1
!req The Banshees of Inisherin 2022 [I don't give a feck about Mozart,] [or Borvoven,] [or any of them funny name feckers.] 1
!req Joe Pera Talks With You S02E02 [You'd hardly knowthat just 30 minutes ago,] [I was experiencingintense emotional pressure] 1
!req Adventure Time S07E15 [I thinkI just killed someone.] ::EDITED:: --aspect-quotient 1.4 1
!req Arrival 2016 [So, what happens now?] [They arrive.] 1
!req Succession S03E04 [I'd castrate youand marry you in a heartbeat.] 1
!req Succession S03E05 [Tom, are youkeeping a shadow log?] [Watching the phases of the moon] [to see whenI'm the most breedable?] 1
!req Succession S04E02 [I would like to singone fucking song] [at karaoke becauseI've seen it in the movies] [and nobody ever wants to go.] 1
!req Breaking Bad S04E06 [No, no, this whole thing, all of this...] [it's all about me.] 1
!req Barry S01E07 [Why did youjust say that?] [I told you to get outof the car, man.] 1
!req Office Space 1999 [Doesn't it bother you that you have to get upin the morning and put on pieces of flair?] [Yeah, but I'm not about to go inand start taking money from the register.] [Well, maybe you should.] 1
!req Better Call Saul S02E07 [Hey,cliff, for what it's worth?I think you're a good guy.] [For what it's worth,I think you're an asshole.] 1
!req Futurama S01E03 [I want you to look me in the eye] [and promise you won'tget behind the wheel] [without some kind of alcoholicbeverage in your hand.] 1
!req Joe Pera Talks With You S01E03 [87-90] 1
!req Barry S02E04 [And I pray that human beingscan change their nature.] [Because if we can't,] [then you and I are in deep trouble.] 1
!req The Righteous Gemstones S01E08 [How can I rid the worldof darkness] [when I live amidstso much of it?] 1
!req Adventure Time S03E12 [When bad things happen,] [I know you want to believethey are a joke.] [But sometimes,life is scary and dark.] 1
!req SpongeBob SquarePants S02E07 [Yeah! Maybe being a feloncould be... fun!] 1
!req SpongeBob SquarePants S02E20 [We've got to unite as workers] [and demand the respect we deserve from the boss.] [In fact, you and I should go on strike.] 1
!req SpongeBob SquarePants S02E20 [This hat is my friend; it never oppressed me.] [Spongebob, you're pathetic.] 1
!req SpongeBob SquarePants S02E20 [With your support we will send the hammer of the people's will] [crashing through the windows] [of Mister Krabs' house of servitude!] 1
!req True Detective S01E03 [Do you wonder ever] [if you're a bad man?] [No, I don't wonder, Marty.] [The world needs bad men.] 1
!req The Righteous Gemstones S02E02 [I hate the South.] 1
!req Aftersun 2022 [Did you have a good holiday?] [The best.] 1
!req Better Call Saul S06E13 [That's it? Money?] [What else?] [Nothing you'd change?] 1
!req Malcolm in the Middle S03E22 [Oh, my God, isthat a monkey?] [It's a helper monkey.] [They're highly trainedand they donate them free] [to the permanently disabled.] 1
!req Malcolm in the Middle S03E13 [You're going to do yourstandard police thing] [and my son is going to getkilled in a hail of gunfire.] 1
!req Malcolm in the Middle S04E07 [And the moralof that fable, son,] [is that turtlesare pathological liars] [who won't give you their gold.] 1
!req Perfect Days 2023 [Can't even be in love without money?What's up with this shitty world?] 1
!req Perfect Days 2023 [How can you put so muchinto a job like this?] 1
!req Futurama S03E06 [He's a menace to everystraight person in the company.] 0