Stephano Rasmussen Zambrano

Request Used
!req Donnie Darko 2001 [Do you wanna kiss me?] [Uh...] [- I... Sorry...- Donnie, wait. I just...] [I just want it to be at a time when it...] [- When what?- When it reminds me... just...] [When it reminds you how beautifulthe world can be?] 1
!req (500) Days of Summer 2009 [It's- It's these cards,and the movies, and the pop songs—] [They're to blame for all the lies...] [and the heartache, everything.] [And we're responsible.I'm responsible.] [I think we do a bad thing here.] [People should be ableto say how they feel—how they really feel—] [not, you know, some wordsthat some strangersput in their mouths.] [Words like "love"...] --dimensions 2x4 1
!req The Tatami Galaxy S01E11 [So, if you'd like...] [How about we go to Neko Ramen?] [Sure!] [For some reason, I have a feeling like I've beenwaiting for those words for a long time.] --dimensions 2x2 0