Adeel Ahmed

Request Used
!req The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 [But there are times...] [when suddenly you realise you arenearer the end than the beginning.] [And you wonder...] [You ask yourself...] [what the sum totalof your life represents...] [what difference your being thereat any time made to anything...] [or if it made any differenceat all, really.] [Particularly in comparisonwith other men's careers.] 1
!req A Beautiful Mind 2001 [You see,the nightmare of schizophrenia] [is not knowing what's true.] [Imagine if you hadsuddenly learned that] [the people and the placesand the momentsmost important to you] [were not gone, not dead,] [but worse, had never been.] [What kind of hellwould that be?] 1