Request Used
!req Lord of War 2005 [- Answer the question.- The new MP-5.] [- Would you like a silencer for that?- I need to see your papers. --remove-second] 1
!req Life of Brian 1979 [You're fucking nicked, me old beauty!] 1
!req Desperado 1995 [1:28:14 --plus 200] 1
!req Generation Kill S01E03 [As the great warrior poetIce Cube once said,] [865] 1
!req Generation Kill S01E01 [Yo' mustache hairsis in violations.] [Police that mustache! --plus 300] 1
!req The Raid 2012 [I've never really liked using these.] [Takes away the rush.] [Squeezing a trigger,] [it's like ordering takeout. --plus 100] 1
!parallel FLCL S01E01 [Mouth to mouth!] | Requiem for a Dream 2000 [Ass to ass. --minus 2500] 1
!req The Big Lebowski 1998 [Excuse me? I said, we cut off your johnson! --plus 1000] 1
!req 3 Idiots 2009 ['Life is a race. If you don't run fast] [you'll be a broken eggcuckoo bird'] 1
!req The Fifth Element 1997 [760][764 --minus 2000] 1
!req Dr. Stone S01E11 [182][183][184] 1
!req Dr. Stone S01E11 [Now, is this reallyhow you youngins] [ask for favors these days?] ['Cause I'm not into thiskinky rope play stuff.] 1