The Viper

Request Used
!parallel Your Name. 2016 [What's your name?] |The Boys S01E02 [814] [815 --wild-merge] 1
!parallel Your Name. 2016 [What's your name?] |The Boys S01E02 [814] [815 --wild-merge] 1
!parallel Breaking Bad S04E11 [lt was an act of God.] |The Boys S01E03 [Well, this is God's work.] 1
!parallel Breaking Bad S02E11 [Happy birthday to you] | A Clockwork Orange 1971 [Stop it! Stop it!Please, I beg you!] 1
!parallel The Shining 1980 [What line of work are you in now?] | The Wire S01E11 [Pawn shop unit.] 1
!parallel It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E01 [You're dead!] | True Detective S01E04 [Fuck, I look dead, motherfucker?] 1
!parallel American History X 1998 [I like your hair the way it is now.] | Eraserhead 1978 [1:25:40] | Finding Nemo 2003 [Perfect.] 1
!parallel The Sopranos S01E12 [Like King Midas in reverse,everything I touch turns to shit.] | Network 1976 [And everything you touch dies with you.] | The Good Place S03E02 [so everything I touch getsa little bit of poop on it.] | Wreck-It Ralph 2012 [Why do I fix everything I touch?] 1
!parallel Arabian Nights 1974 [Fine! Eat what you like!] | The Sopranos S01E13 [Pussy, Pussy!] 1
!parallel True Detective S01E01 [Yeah. Second week we were together,I saw where he was living.] | The Sopranos S03E11 [His house looked like shit.] 1
!parallel Fargo S01E07 [But I'll—I'll confess.] | The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 [Yeah. Yeah, I jerk off. Yeah.] 1
!parallel Trainspotting 1996 [Don't!] | The Boys S01E05 [That was diabolical.] 1
!palette Neon Genesis Evangelion S01E02 [4:18] 1
!parallel The Boys S01E08 [Look at you, mon coeur.] | A Clockwork Orange 1971 [1:20] 1
!req The Wire S02E08 [Jesus, lieutenant.When I said anything] [I meant I'd let you have a kiss.] [Feel my tits or somethin', you know?] 1
!swap Avengers: Endgame 2019 [Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows] | Breaking Bad S05E16 [53:48] 1
!req The Godfather 1972 [- You spend time with your family?- Sure I do.] [Good.] [Because a man who doesn't spend timewith his family can never be a real man.] kinobot BOT — Today at 6:38 PM 1
!swap The Sopranos: S03E02 [How ya doin'?] | Twin Peaks S02E22 [49:19] 1
!swap The Sopranos: S03E02 [How ya doin'?] | Twin Peaks S02E22 [49:19] 1
!req The Godfather 1972 [He was banging cocktail waitresses!Players couldn't get a drink.] 1
!parallel Breaking Bad S01E01 [all a sudden at age, what, 60,he's just gonna break bad?] | Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood 2019 [1:55:39] 1
!parallel Band of Brothers S01E02 [Fire in the hole!] | Breaking Bad S05E10 [Fire in the hole.] 1
!req The Wire: S02E07 [First of all,and I don't knowhow to tell you this] [Without hurting you deeply,] [First of all,you happen to be white.] 1
!req The Boys S02E07 [Y-You can't watch pornwhile the... sun's out.] 1
!req Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood 2019 [We love Pussy.] 1
!req Berserk S01E25 [20:44] 0
!req Heat 1995 [When I think of asses, a woman's ass...] [something comes out of me.] 1