Request Used
!req Zoolander 2001 [Yeah, baby!That's what I've been waiting for! --image-url https(://)i(.)imgur(.)com/NPmpD6D(.)png --image-size 1.5] 0
!req Ted Lasso S01E01 [Though some people pronounce it JIF. --plus 3000 --image-url https(://)i(.)imgur(.)com/OpVWJfE(.)png --image-position 60,20] 1
!req It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S01E01 [I had the craziest dream last nightthat I was in Cleveland, Ohio, --plus 3000] 1
!req Breaking Bad S02E06 [I'm slinging mad volumeand fat stacking Benjies. --minus 400] [I can't be all about,like, spelling and shit.] 0