Muhammad Ibrahim

Request Used
!req Parasite 2019 [I kept laughing.] 1
!parallel The Lighthouse (2019) [Help me to recollect, who are you again, Tommy?] [Out with it, lad.] [All right. Have it your way.] | Batman Begins (2005) [I'm batman.] 1
!req Superbad 2007 [Tight.] 1
!req Superbad 2007 [You know, well, I'm sorry, Evan, that the Coen brothers don't direct the porn that I watch.] 1
!req The batman 2022 [289][293] 1
!req It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1, Episode 2 [What's this? That's the list of doctors I'm gonna kill.][There's two already crossed out. Yeah, I know.] I started the show and on episode 2 it already feels like it might be one of the best sitcoms 1
!req Everything Everywhere All at Once 2022 [Raccaccoonie!] 1
!req Django Unchained 2012 [You want I should treat him like white folks?][No. That's not what I said.] ::EDITED:: --font nfsans --stroke-width 3 1
!req Uncut Gems 2019 [You can't even get buried with me now.] 1
!parallel Blade Runner (1982) [Time to die.] | Blade Runner 2049 (2017) [2:31:52] 0
!parallel Blade Runner (1982) [Time to die.] | Blade Runner 2049 (2017) [2:31:52] 1