Rowan-Lee Taco Kirkham

Request Used
!req Brokeback Mountain 2005 [I wish l knew how to quit you!] 1
!req Call Me by Your Name 2017 [Truce?] 1
!req Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 [I kept wondering,who is this little boy going to be?] [- Or girl.- Or girl.] [Because at that point, we didn't know.] [Ash, I'm so glad he was you.] 1
!req Paddington 2 2017 [You wanted to get that book so Aunt Lucy could see London, didn't you?] [It was always her dream.] [Well, we thought, why look at London in a book] [when she could see the real thing?] 1
!req Joint Security Area 2000 [There are two kindsof people in this world.] [Commie bastards...] [and the Commie bastards' enemies.] 1
!req Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 [I'm trying to tell you the truthabout myself.] [I don't care about the truth about yourself.] 1
!parallel Happy Together 1997 [348] | Brokeback Mountain 2005 [1069] | Call Me By Your Name 2017 [843] 0