Adnan Purwanto

Request Used
!req Apocalypse Now 1979 [I wanted a mission.] [And for my sins, they gave me one.] [Brought it up to me like room service.] 1
!req The Sopranos S01E08 [Well, I'm just thinking,maybe you're...] [- ... depressed.- Me?] [I'm no fucking mental midget.] [Right.] 1
!req True Detective S01E02 [Well, you're a smartass with your mouth shut.] 1
!req 8½ 1963 [“My darlings, happiness consistsin being able to speak the truth] [without ever making anybody suffer.”] 1
!req American Psycho 2000 [Most importantly,] [we have to promote general social concern] [and less materialism in young people.] [Patrick,] [how thought-provoking.] 1
!req Fight Club 1999 [It used to be that when I came home angryor depressed, I'd just clean my condo.] [Polish my Scandinavian furniture.] [I should have been looking for a new condoor haggling with my insurance company.] [I should have been upsetabout my nice flaming little shit.] [But I wasn't.] 1
!req Apocalypse Now 1979 [If that's how Kilgore fought the war,] [I began to wonderwhat they really had against Kurtz.] [It wasn't just insanity and murder.] [There was enough of thatto go around for everyone.] 1
!req First Reformed 2018 [They're just frightened.] [- These kids, they want certainty.- Mm-hmm.] [You know, don't think: follow.] [But they fall prey to extremism.] 1
!req Diary of a Country Priest 1951 [No one knows what can comeof an evil thought in the long run,] [Our hidden faults poisonthe air others breathe,] [You'd never get through the dayif you dwelt on such thoughts!] 1
!req Band of Brothers S01E09 [You never know, you know.] [They were doing what they were supposed to do.] [And I was trying to do what I was supposed to do.] [But, under different circumstances...] [we might have been good friends.] 1
!req American Psycho 2000 [- You're inhuman.- No.] [I'm in touch with humanity.] 1
!req Rick and Morty S02E03 [I didn't know freedom meantpeople doing stuff that sucks.] [I was thinking more of] [a choose your owncellphone-carrier thing.] 1
!req Casablanca 1942 [Louis, I think this is the beginningof a beautiful friendship.] 1
!req King of the Hill S01E03 [When I grow up, I'm gonna drinkthis stuff every day, just like my dad...] [and fly jets,and maybe even be an astronaut.] [I'm gonna live in London, and bea rich millionaire, and have people killed.] [I'm gonna sell propaneand propane accessories...] [if my grades are good enough.] [Kids and their crazy dreams.] 1
!req The Tree of Life 2011 [They taught us that no one who loves the way of grace...] [ever comes to a bad end.] 1
!req The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 [Name of the game.] [Move the money fromyour client's pocket into your pocket.] [Right.] [But if you make your clientsmoney at the same time,] [it's advantageous to everyone. Correct?] [No.] 1
!req My Dinner with Andre 1981 [But, Wally, don't you – don't you seethat comfort can be dangerous?] [I mean, you like to be comfortable,and I like to be comfortable too...] [but comfort can lull youinto a dangerous tranquility.] 1
!req Apocalypse Now 1979 [He was one of those guysthat had that weird light around him.] [You just knew he wasn't gonna getso much as a scratch here.] 1
!req Mr. Robot S01E01 [Wait. Hold on.I'll give you the money.] [I'll pay you.How much do you want?] [I'll pay you.] [That's the part you werewrong about, Rohit.] [I don't give a shitabout money.] 1
!req Mad Men S01E04 [Kids today, they haveno one to look up to...] [because they're looking up to us.] 1
!req The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 [If we don't consider him a human,] [we just consider it an act,I think we're in the clear.] [Like The Flying Wallendas.] [You know, a lot of those guys diedbut they never sued anybody.] 1
!req Dekalog S01E08 [There's a theory that peoplewho rescue others have special traits,] [as do those who need rescuing.] 1
!req American Psycho 2000 [Al.] [I'm sorry.] [It's just that... I don't know.] [I don't have anything in common with you.] 1
!req Mr. Robot S03E02 [Maybe I fucked upan already fucked-up world,] [but I'm fixing it now,hitting "undo."] [And, friend, it feels great.] 1
!req Waking Life 2001 [There are two kinds of sufferers:] [Those who sufferfrom a lack of life...] [and those who suffer froman overabundance of life.] 1
!req The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 [Oh, my gosh. The Emperor of Fucksville] [came down from Fucksvilleto give me a pass!] [Hey, what are the citizensof Fucksville doing today] [when their Emperor's gone?] [Is it mayhem?] [What are all the little fuckheadsdoing while you're here?] 1
!req Band of Brothers S01E05 [A good leader has to understand...] [the people that are under him, understand their needs...] [their desires or how they think a little bit.] 1
!req King of the Hill S02E01 [Let me ask you this.] [A guy breaks into your house,but you don't have a gun.] [How are you going to shoot him?] ::EDITED:: n ::EDITED:: oh nvm ::EDITED:: --font-size 27 ::EDITED:: --font-color yellow --stroke-width 3 ::EDITED:: --font-size 27 --font-color yellow --stroke-width 3 1
!req The Simpsons S08E14 [Last night's Itchy and Scratchy was, without a doubt...] [the worst episode ever!] [Rest assured that I was on the Internet within minutes...] [registering my disgust throughout the world.] 1
!req The Simpsons S08E08 [Do I hear the sound of butting in?It's gotta be little Lisa Simpson...] [- Springfield's answer to a question no one asked!] ::EDITED:: --stroke-width 3.4 --font-size 29 ::EDITED:: --stroke-width 4.0 --font-size 29 1
!req Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 [You're a hard man to find, Galen.] [But farming...] [Really? Man of your talents?] [It's a peaceful life.] 1
!req American Psycho 2000 [So,] [don't you want to know what I do?] [No.] [No, not really.] 1
!req Futurama S03E09 [Why do we have to resortto nonviolence?Can't we just kick their asses?] 1
!req Fight Club 1999 [Look, nobody takes thismore seriously than me.] [That condo was my life. OK?] [I loved every stick of furniture in that place.] [That was not just a bunch of stuffthat got destroyed.] 1
!req True Detective S01E02 [You got an opinion about anything,you hold on to it.] [You hold on to it or you tell it to Marty.Otherwise, button your big, fat mouth.] [However smart you are,you're not as smart as you think.] 1
!req The Dark Knight 2008 [I don't wanna kill you.] [What would I do without you?Go back to ripping off Mob dealers? No, no.] [No. No, you...] [You complete me.] 1
!req Brazil 1985 [- You couldn't what? Couldn't stand the what?- Paperwork. Couldn't stand the paperwork.] [Listen. This whole system of yourscould be on fire...] [and I couldn't even turn on a kitchen tapwithout filling out a 27B/6.] [Bloody paperwork.] 0
!req The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 [The important thingyou guys gotta keep in mind] [is that these things gossip.] [They get together and they gossip.] 1
!req The Wire S01E01 [There you go,giving a fuck] [When it ain't your turnto give a fuck.] 0
!req The Sopranos S02E06 [I said the kind of manI admire is Gary Cooper,] [the strong, silent type.] [And how all Americans,] [all they're doing is cryingand confessing and complaining.] [A bunch of fucking pussies.] [Fuck'em!] [And now, I'm one of them,a patient.] 1
!req Barry S01E02 [They are not assassins.] [They are muscle.Big difference.] [Right, well...What about that guy?] [Vacha?] [He is fucking freak.] [You see this... apron?] [Why is he wearing that?] [He doesn't needto be wearing that.] 0