Adnan Purwanto

Request Used
!req Apocalypse Now 1979 [I wanted a mission.] [And for my sins, they gave me one.] [Brought it up to me like room service.] 1
!req The Sopranos S01E08 [Well, I'm just thinking,maybe you're...] [- ... depressed.- Me?] [I'm no fucking mental midget.] [Right.] 1
!req True Detective S01E02 [Well, you're a smartass with your mouth shut.] 0
!req 8½ 1963 [“My darlings, happiness consistsin being able to speak the truth] [without ever making anybody suffer.”] 1
!req American Psycho 2000 [Most importantly,] [we have to promote general social concern] [and less materialism in young people.] [Patrick,] [how thought-provoking.] 1
!req Fight Club 1999 [It used to be that when I came home angryor depressed, I'd just clean my condo.] [Polish my Scandinavian furniture.] [I should have been looking for a new condoor haggling with my insurance company.] [I should have been upsetabout my nice flaming little shit.] [But I wasn't.] 1
!req Apocalypse Now 1979 [If that's how Kilgore fought the war,] [I began to wonderwhat they really had against Kurtz.] [It wasn't just insanity and murder.] [There was enough of thatto go around for everyone.] 1
!req First Reformed 2018 [They're just frightened.] [- These kids, they want certainty.- Mm-hmm.] [You know, don't think: follow.] [But they fall prey to extremism.] 1