Joe Brodley

Request Used
!req The Wrestler 2008 [I landed on my shoulder and cracked my clavicle right in half.] [Oh, my God. Does it hurt?] [Well, it hurts when I breathe, but, I mean, you know, you hear the roar of the crowd,] [you just— you motor through, you know?] 1
!req Once Upon a Time in America 1984 ["His eyes are as the eyes of doves.] ["His body is as bright ivory.] ["His legs are as pillars of marble."] [In pants so dirty they stand by themselves.] ["He is altogether lovable."] [But he'll always be a two-bit punk...] [so he'll never be my beloved. What a shame.] 1
!req Watchmen 2009 [None of you seem to understand.I'm not locked in here with you.] [All right, that's it!] [You're locked in here with me.] 1
!parallel Uncut Gems 2019 [what is it with you Jewish] | American Psycho 2000 [cool it with the anti-semitic remarks] 1
!swap Four Lions 2010 [Rubber Dinghy Rapids.] | Airplane! 1980 [Like my men.] 1
!req Pusher 1996 [What did that photographersay to you?] [- You really want to know?- Yeah...] [He askedif I'd suck him off for 500.] [He thought I was a whore.] [Aren't you?] 1
!req Kill Bill Volume 1 2003 [04:55] 1
!req It's a Wonderful Life 1946 [Yes, Clarence.A man down on Earth needs our help.] [Splendid. Is he sick?] [No, worse. He's discouraged.] 1
!req The Sopranos S01E08 [You ever feel like nothinggood would ever happen?] [Yeah. And nothing did. So what?] 1