Lee Gaines

Request Used
!req Gran Torino 2008 [We used to stack fucks like you five feet high in Korea...] [use you for sandbags.] 0
!req Duck Soup 1933 [Monday, we watch Firefly's house, but he no come out.] [He wasn't home.] [Tuesday, we go to the ball game, but he fool us. He no show up.] [Wednesday, he go to the ball game, but we fool him! We no show up.] [Thursday was a double-header, nobody show up.] [Friday, it rained all day. There was no ball game.] [So we stayed home and we listened to it over the radio.] 1
!req Mad Max 2 1981 [Greetings from The Humungus!] [The Lord Humungus!] [The Warrior of the Wasteland!] [The Ayatollah of Rock and Roller!] 1
!req The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2007 [There would be no eulogies for Bob...] [no photographs of his body would be sold in sundries stores...] [no people would crowd the streets in the rain to see his funeral cortege...] [no biographies would be written about him...] [no children named after him.] [No one would ever pay 25 cents to stand in the rooms he grew up in.] [Hello, Bob.] 1
!req Fargo 1996 [Where is Pancakes House?] [What?] [We stop at Pancakes House.] [What are you, nuts? We had pancakes for breakfast.] 1