Request Used
!req Aftersun 2022 [I don't know.Don't you ever feel like...] [you've just donea whole amazing day,] [and then you come homeand feel tired and down,] [and it feels likeyour bones don't work?] [They're just tiredand everything is tired.] 1
!req The Menu 2022 [As Dr. King said,We know through painful experience...] [that freedom is never voluntarily givenby the oppressor.] [It must be demanded by the oppressed.] [Did he just quote Martin Luther King?] [- Yep.- Yes, he did.] 0
!req Archer S01E05 [Jesus God, Sterling. Schoolgirls?] [Those are costumes.I suppose that makes it better?] 0
!req Rick and Morty S04E01 [I do as the crystal guides.] 0
!req The Banshees of Inisherin 2022 [Have ye been rowing?]Have we been rowin'?][ Have ye been rowin'?][Are ye rowin'?] [Well, ye are rowin'.] 0
!req The Banshees of Inisherin 2022 [Eileen Coughlan had no news.][Vincent Shaughnessy had no news.][ColmSonnyLarry, he had no news.] 1
!parallel The Prestige 2006 [The part we call the Prestige.] | Rick and Morty S04E08 [It's The Prestige!] 0
!parallel Knives Out 2019 [You have a regurgitative reactionto mistruthin'.] | Rick and Morty S05E04 [The boy literallynever lies!] 0