Diego Mendez

Request Used
!req Mean Girls 2004 [Cady, there are two kinds of evil people.] [People who do evil stuff,] [and people who see evil stuffbeing done and don't try to stop it.] 1
!req The Sopranos S01E02 [Just when I thought I was out,they pull me back in.] 1
!req The Sopranos S03E11 [Guy was aninterior decorator.] [His houselooked like shit.] 1
!req For a Few Dollars More 1965 [were you ever young?] [Yup.] [And just as reckless as you.] 1
!req The Sopranos S06E04 [the time that human beingshave been on earth] [would only be a postage stampat the very top.] [You realize how insignificantthat makes us?] [I don't feel that way.] 1
!req The Sopranos S06E17 [- Oh, right, I'm so special.- You're damn right you are.] [You're handsome and smartand a hard worker...] [and, let's be honest, white.That's a huge plus nowadays.] 1
!req No Country for Old Men 2007 [What you got ain't nothin' new.] [This country is hard on people.] [You can't stop what's coming.] 1
!req The Sopranos S05E06 [Word to the wise:remember Pearl Harbor.] 1
!req The Sopranos S04E08 [When I was a kid, you two were old ladies.] [Now I'm old, and you two are still old.] 1
!req 12 Angry Men 1957 [Do you really think the boy'd shout it outso the whole neighbourhood could hear?] [- He's much too bright for that.- Bright? He's a common, ignorant slob.] [He don't even speak good English.] [He doesn't even speak good English.] 1
!req The Sopranos S03E06 [Oh, look at that.] [It's like anad for a fuckingweight loss center.] [Before...] [and way before.] [Hear what Isaid, ton'?] [They're like an adfor a weight loss center.] [Before and after.] --dimensions 2x3 1
!req Blade Runner 2049 2017 [You look lonely.] [I can fix that.] 1
!req 12 Angry Men 1957 [You want to see this boy die becauseyou want it, not because of the facts.] [- You're a sadist.- You...] [Let me go! I'll kill him! I'll kill him!] [You don't really meanyou'll kill me, do you?] --dimensions 2x2 1
!req 12 Angry Men 1957 [You want to see this boy die becauseyou want it, not because of the facts.] [- You're a sadist.- You...] [Let me go! I'll kill him! I'll kill him!] [You don't really meanyou'll kill me, do you?] 1
!req The Sopranos S06E21 [You and my dad.] [You two ran North Jersey.] [- We did?- Yeah.] [Hmm.] [Well, that's nice.] 1
!req The Sopranos S02E13 [Our true enemy has yetto reveal himself.] [16:08] 1
!req The Sopranos S06E01 [Malanga!] [47:43] [47:49] [48:17] --dimensions 2x2 1
!req Eyes Wide Shut 1999 [2:17:59] 1
!req Inglourious Basterds 2009 [I don't know about you all,] [but I sure as hell didn't come downfrom the goddamn Smoky Mountains,] [cross 5,000 miles of water,fight my way through half of Sicily] [and jump out of a fucking airplaneto teach the Nazis lessons in humanity.] --dimensions 2x2 1
!req Nightcrawler 2014 [What if my problem wasn't thatI don't understand people,] [but that I don't like them?] 1
!req The Sopranos S03E11 [The russians?They're not all bad.] [How about the cubanmissile crisis?] [Cocksuckers movednuclear warheadsinto cuba,] [pointed'emright at us.] [That was real?] [I saw that movie,I thought itwas bullshit.] 1
!req The Seventh Seal 1957 [No man can live with Deathand know that everything is nothing.] [Most people think neitherof Death nor nothingness.] [Until they stand on the edge of lifeand see the Darkness.] 1
!req The Seventh Seal 1957 [Love is the blackestof all plagues.] [But you don't even die of it,and usually it passes.] 1
!req The Seventh Seal 1957 [Shall we finish our game?] [Your move!] 1
!req The Sopranos S06E06 [sudden weight loss.] [- AIDS?- Nobody's got AIDS.] [I don't wanna hearthat word in here again!] 1
!req La Haine 1995 [It's about a society falling...] [On the way down it keeps telling itself:] ["So far so good...] 1
!req Better Call Saul S01E01 [What is she doing in there?I don't know. Shh.] [Is she making a sandwich?] [Where's her senseof responsibility?] 1
!req 12 Angry Men 1957 [When I was a kid,I used to call my father "sir".] [That's right. Ever hear a kidcall his father that any more?] 1
!req Jackie Brown 1997 [My ass may be dumb,but I ain't no dumb ass.] 1
!req The Big Lebowski 1998 [You figured, "Oh, here's aloser, you know, a deadbeat.] ["Somebody this square communitywon't give a shit about."] [Well, aren't you?] [Well, yeah, but... Get out, both of you.] --dimensions 2x2 1
!req The Boys S01E05 [- What?- I-I'm sorry, did you] [just call God a C-word?] [Yeah. He's got a hard-onfor mass murder] [and giving kids cancer,and his big old answer] [to the existential clusterfuckthat is humanity] [is to nail his ownbleeding son to a plank.] [That is a cunt move.] ::EDITED:: --stroke-width 3.5 --font-size 26 --y-offset 55 1
!req The Boys S03E02 [Que c'est... Hamburgerwith a doughnut for a bun?] [Truly, there is no God here.] ::EDITED:: --aspect-quotient 1.6 --font-size 27 --stroke-width 3.5 1
!parallel Better Call Saul S06E13 [834] | Once upon a time in hollywood [1:55:40] --color -100 1
!parallel Better Call Saul S06E13 [56:58] | Better Call Saul S06E07 [The greatest legalmind I ever knew.] 0
!req Better Call Saul S06E13 [01:35] 1
!parallel Better Call Saul S06E13 [834 --plus 300] | Get Out 2017 [36:14] --color -100 1
!parallel Malcolm in the Middle S02E11 [14:47 --plus 500] | Umbrella Academy S02E07 [30:01 --plus 500] | Malcolm in the Middle S02E11 [14:48 --plus 900] | Umbrella Academy S02E07 [30:02 --plus 500] --dimensions 2x2 0
!req Mr. Robot S04E04 [I can't let you die.] [I'm just gonna gofor a walk.] 0