Request Used
!req Psycho 1960 [A man should have a hobby.] [Well, it's... It's more than a hobby.] [A hobby's supposed to pass the time,not fill it.] 0
!req Psycho 1960 [Are... Are you unhappy?] [Not inordinately.] 0
!req Psycho 1960 [I think that] [we're all in our private traps,] [clamped in them,and none of us can ever get out.] [We scratch and claw,] [but only at the air, only at each other.] [And for all of it, we never budge an inch.] 0
!req Psycho 1960 [Why don't you go away?] [To a private island, like you?] [No, not like me.] 0
!req Psycho 1960 [Sometimes we deliberately stepinto those traps.] [I was born in mine. I don't mind it any more.] [Oh, but you should. You should mind it.] 0
!req Dracula 1931 [Listen to them.] [Children of the night.] [What music they make.] 0
!req Dracula 1931 [There are farworse things] [awaiting man] [than death.] 1
!req Dracula 1931 [I love you, John.] [But this horror,he wills it.] 0
!req Dracula 1931 [For one who has not livedeven a single lifetime,] [you are a wise man,Van Helsing.] 0
!req Dracula 1931 [They're all crazy,except you and me.] [Sometimes I haveme doubts about you.] [Yes.] 0
!req Dracula 1931 [Gentlemen,] [we are dealingwith the undead.] 0
!req Fantastic Four 2015 [We can't change the past.] [But we canchange the future.] 0
!req Fantastic Four 2015 [We can't beat him. He'sstronger than any of us.] [But he's not strongerthan all of us.] 0
!req Fantastic Four 2015 [Does it hurt?] [I'm used to it.] 0