The Righteous Gemstones

The story of a world-famous televangelist family with a history of deviance, greed and, yes, charitable work, all in the name of Jesus.

2019-08-18 - 2022-01-23

Title Name
Season 1, Episode 1 The Righteous Gemstones
Season 1, Episode 2 Is This the Man Who Made the Earth Tremble
Season 1, Episode 3 They Are Weak, But He Is Strong
Season 1, Episode 4 Wicked Lips
Season 1, Episode 5 Interlude
Season 1, Episode 6 Now the Sons of Eli Were Worthless Men
Season 1, Episode 7 And Yet One of You is a Devil
Season 1, Episode 8 But the Righteous Will See Their Fall
Season 1, Episode 9 Better is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning
Season 2, Episode 1 I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels
Season 2, Episode 2 After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come
Season 2, Episode 3 For He Is a Liar and the Father of Lies
Season 2, Episode 4 As to How They Might Destroy Him
Season 2, Episode 5 Interlude II
Season 2, Episode 6 Never Avenge Yourselves, But Leave It to the Wrath of God
Season 2, Episode 7 And Infants Shall Rule Over Them
Season 2, Episode 8 The Prayer of a Righteous Man
Season 2, Episode 9 I Will Tell of All Your Deeds