Phoenix Nights

The owner of The Phoenix Club is the wheelchair-bound Brian Potter, who has presided over two clubs in the past: the first (The Aquarius) flooded, the second (The Neptune) burned down. His ambition (with the help of Jerry St Clair) is to see The Phoenix Club become the most popular in Bolton and thus outdo his arch-nemesis, Den Perry, owner of rival club The Banana Grove.

2001-01-14 - 2002-09-12

Title Name
Season 2, Episode 1 Brian Gets Everyone Back Together
Season 2, Episode 2 Family Fun Day
Season 2, Episode 3 Crimetime
Season 2, Episode 4 Quiz
Season 2, Episode 5 Ladies' Night
Season 2, Episode 6 Stars in Their Eyes
Season 1, Episode 1 Opening Night
Season 1, Episode 2 Wild West Night
Season 1, Episode 3 Disco Inferno
Season 1, Episode 4 Singles Night
Season 1, Episode 5 Comedy Robot Wars
Season 1, Episode 6 Talent Trek Finals