The continuing adventures of store clerks Dante and Randal, who try to make the best of their menial labor, with no help from Jay and Silent Bob.

2000-05-31 - 2002-12-22

Title Name
Season 1, Episode 1 A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About the Law, but Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers.
Season 1, Episode 2 The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal Are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their Lives
Season 1, Episode 3 Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante Has an Important Decision to Make
Season 1, Episode 4 Leonardo Is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal’s Imagination and Patrick Swayze either Does or Doesn't Work in the New Pet Store
Season 1, Episode 5 Dante & Randal & Jay & Silent Bob & a Bunch of New Characters & Lando Take Part in a Whole Bunch of Movie Parodies Including, but Not Exclusive To, the Bad News Bears, the Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, Plus a High School Reunion
Season 1, Episode 6 The Last Episode Ever!