Where is Robert De Niro?

Movie Role
Taxi Driver (1976) Travis Bickle
Shark Tale (2004) Don Lino (voice)
The Untouchables (1987) Al Capone
The Deer Hunter (1978) Michael Vronsky
Raging Bull (1980) Jake LaMotta
Meet the Parents (2000) Jack Byrnes, Producer
Rent (2005) Producer
Jackie Brown (1997) Louis Gara
Mean Streets (1973) John 'Johnny Boy' Civello
Machete (2010) Senator John McLaughlin
The Godfather Part II (1974) Don Vito Corleone, Vito Corleone
The King of Comedy (1982) Rupert Pupkin
Once Upon a Time in America (1984) David 'Noodles' Aaronson
The Irishman (2019) Frank Sheeran, Producer
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Producer
Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) William Hale
Joker (2019) Murray Franklin
Limitless (2011) Carl Van Loon
Casino (1995) Sam 'Ace' Rothstein
Brazil (1985) Archibald 'Harry' Tuttle
Meet the Fockers (2004) Jack Byrnes, Producer
GoodFellas (1990) James Conway
Heat (1995) Neil McCauley