Where is Orson Welles?

Movie Role
The Third Man (1949) Harry Lime
Touch of Evil (1958) Director, Police Captain Hank Quinlan, Screenplay
Citizen Kane (1941) Charles Foster Kane, Director, Producer, Screenplay
The Other Side of the Wind (2018) Director, Editor, Screenplay
The Trial (1962) Albert Hastler, Director, Editor, Screenplay
The Lady from Shanghai (1947) Director, Michael O'Hara, Producer, Screenplay
F for Fake (1975) Director, Editor, Himself, Writer
Mr. Arkadin (1955) Director, Editor, Gregory Arkadin, Producer, Screenplay
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Screenplay
Chimes at Midnight (1965) Director, Falstaff, Screenplay