Xala (1975)

Directed by Ousmane Sembène

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Thierno Leye as Hadji Aboucader BeyeMyriam Niang as Rama (as Miriam Niang)Seune Samb as Adja Assatu, Beye's wifeFatim Diagne as Saleslady / SecretaryYounouss Seye as Aram, Second WifeMustapha Ture as The ClientIliamane Sagna as Modu, El Hadji's chauffeur

It is the dawn of Senegal's independence from France, but as the citizens celebrate in the streets we soon become aware that only the faces have changed. White money still controls the government. One official, Aboucader Beye, known by the title "El ...

Peak KinoSenegalComedy

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