Waiting for the Hearse (1985)

Directed by Alejandro Doria

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Luis Brandoni as AntonioChina Zorrilla as ElviraAntonio Gasalla as Mamá CoraJulio De Grazia as JorgeBetiana Blum as NoraJuan Manuel Tenuta as SergioMónica Villa as SusanaEnrique Pinti as FelipeDarío Grandinetti as CachoCecilia Rossetto as Dominga

Mama Cora, who is almost eighty years old, has three sons and a daughter. She lives with one of them, who has serious financial problems. The family meets one day to celebrate an anniversary meal, and that is when the problem arises: which of them wi...

Certified KinoArgentinaComedy

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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