Vampires in Havana (1985)

Directed by Juan Padrón

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Frank González as Pepito / Smiley / Al Tapone / Actor in Vampire Movie (voice)Irela Bravo as Lola (voice)Manuel Marín as Johnny Terrori / Vampiro negro / Actor in Vampire Movie (voice)Carlos González as Tio Werner Amadeus Von Dracula (voice)Mirella Guillot as (voice)Carmen Solar as (voice)Juan Padrón as (voice)

Scientists Werner Amadeus, son of Count Dracula, develops an anti-sun formula for vampires. He moves to Cuba with his nephew Joseph Emanuel. Joseph grows up drinking the formula and forgets his origin, becoming Pepe, a trumpet player mixed up with ...

Certified KinoCubaGermanySpainFantasyAnimationActionComedy

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