Unicorn Wars (2022)

Directed by Alberto Vázquez

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Jon Goiri as Azulín (voice)Jaione Insausti as Gordi (voice)Ramón Barea as Narrador (voice)Txema Regalado as Padre (voice)Manu Heras as Sargento Caricias / Papá (voice)Gaizka Soria as Coco (voice)Iker Diaz as Achuchones (voice)

An army of bear cubs train and indoctrinate young recruits for the war against the unicorns, which threatens the safety of the cubs. Brothers Bluey and Tubby, along with a group of inexperienced cadets, are sent on a dangerous mission to save the Mag...


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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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