Thumbtanic (2000)

Directed by Todd Portugal

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Steve Oedekerk as Jake / Designer / Stevine Odion / 'We've Been Hit' (voice)Mary Jo Keenen as Geranium / Old Geranium (voice)Paul Greenberg as The Captain / 'Lovely Ship' Steward / Lice Checker #1 (voice)Rob Paulsen as Mr. Prickle / Bartender / Lice Checker #2 (voice)Mark DeCarlo as The Interviewer / TV Anchor / Elvis / Lookout #2 / Rich Man at Dinner / 'Shuffle Board Finals?' (voice)Tony Pyle as Submarine Pilot / Excited One-Eyed Thumb / Lookout #3 (voice)Eric Trueheart as 'All Aboard' Steward / 'Good Gravy, What a Ship!' / 'Lovely Ship' Balloon Head (voice)

Short-subject movie parodies with casts completely comprised of the digits. Released in 1999, Thumbtanic gives the thumb-treatment to James Cameron's box-office and Oscar juggernaut Titanic and features the voice talents of Mary Jo Keenan and Mark De...

United States of AmericaDramaComedyRomance

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