The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Directed by Martin Scorsese

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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan BelfortJonah Hill as Donnie AzoffMargot Robbie as Naomi LapagliaRob Reiner as Max BelfortKyle Chandler as Agent Patrick DenhamMatthew McConaughey as Mark HannaJon Bernthal as Brad BodnickKenneth Choi as Chester MingP. J. Byrne as Nicky "Rugrat" KoskoffBrian Sacca as Robbie "Pinhead" Feinberg

A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography................

Certified KinoUnited States of AmericaDramaComedyCrime

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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