The Wicked City (1992)

Directed by Peter Mak Tai-kit

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Jacky Cheung as Ken KaiLeon Lai as Renzaburô TakiMichelle Reis as Windy (Gaye)Roy Cheung as ShudoTatsuya Nakadai as Daishu (Yuen Tai Chung)Yuen Woo-ping as Sergeant KayamaCarman Lee as Loh / Shira / Orchid

Based on the popular Japanese series of novels, The Wicked City is about a futuristic Hong Kong on the verge of a take over by the Reptoids—ruthless monsters disguised as humans. They work amongst us, they live within us, and their destiny is our dem...

Hong KongJapanFantasyHorrorActionScience Fiction

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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