The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933)

Directed by Fritz Lang

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Rudolf Klein-Rogge as Dr. MabuseOscar Beregi Sr. as Prof. Dr. BaumPaul Bernd as ErpresserHenry Pleß as BulleOtto Wernicke as Kommissar LohmannPaul Henckels as LithographTheo Lingen as KaretzkyRudolf Schündler as HardyCamilla Spira as Juwelen-AnnaHans Salcher as Hans

After a detective is assaulted by thugs and placed in an asylum run by Professor Baum, he observes the professor's preoccupation with another patient, the criminal genius Dr. Mabuse the hypnotist. When Mabuse's notes are found to be connected with a ...

Certified KinoGermanyHorrorThrillerCrimeMystery

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