The Noose (1958)

Directed by Wojciech Has

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Gustaw Holoubek as Kuba KowalskiAleksandra Śląska as KrystynaTeresa Szmigielówna as Kuba's old loveTadeusz Fijewski as WladekStanisław Milski as RybickiWładysław Dewoyno as Electrician WladekTadeusz Gwiazdowski as Supt. ZenekJuliusz Grabowski as WaiterMarian Jastrzębski as krawiecEmil Karewicz as Waiter Gienek

A day in the life of an alcoholic. With the help of his girlfriend Krysia, Kuba attempts to regain control of his life. But when his girlfriend is at work and Kuba home alone, resisting temptation becomes hard...................

Certified KinoPolandDrama

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