The Land of Hope (2012)

Directed by Sion Sono

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Isao Natsuyagi as Yasuhiko OnoNaoko Ôtani as Chieko OnoJun Murakami as Yoichi OnoMegumi Kagurazaka as Izumi OnoYutaka Shimizu as Mitsuru SuzukiHikari Kajiwara as YokoDaikichi Sugawara as Shimura

An old couple, their only son, the son's wife, a young man and his lover live peacefully in a village. Then, a terrifying earthquake strikes that causes a nearby nuclear station to explode. The residents must evacuate, but the family lives on a farm,...

GermanyUnited KingdomJapanTaiwanDrama

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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