The Holy Innocents (1984)

Directed by Mario Camus

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Alfredo Landa as Paco, El BajoTerele Pávez as RégulaBelén Ballesteros as NievesJuan Sachez as QuirceSusana Sánchez as La Niña ChicaFrancisco Rabal as AzaríasÁgata Lys as Doña PuraAgustín González as Don PedroJuan Diego as Señorito IvánMary Carrillo as Señora Marquesa

Somewhere in the spanish country, in the 60s. Paco and his wife Régula are very poor. They work as tenant farmers for a very wealthy landowner. They have 3 children. One is backward. The others can not got to school because the master "needs" their w...

Certified KinoSpainDrama

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