The Godthumb (2002)

Directed by David Bourla

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Steve Oedekerk as The Godthumb / Johnny Paesano / Italian Man (voice)Megan Cavanagh as Bea / Conceited / Old Italian WomanCam Clarke as Adopted Lawyer Son / Mr. HendersonMark DeCarlo as Thummy / Don Bazzarzini / WartzPaul Greenberg as Afraido / Badgerburger Waiter / Elevator ThumbRob Paulsen as Mickey / Toll Booth OperatorEric Trueheart as Doctor

This film is an incredibly silly parody of The Godfather,....starring thumbs with computer-generated faces! WAIT!!!! Keep reading--it's really not as dumb as it sounds and it is darn funny! Really! Steve Oedekerk has created several thumb parodies an...

United States of AmericaDramaActionComedyThriller

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