Teddy Bear (1981)

Directed by Stanisław Bareja

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Stanisław Tym as Ryszard Ochódzki/Stanislaw PaluchBarbara Burska as Irena OchódzkaChristine Paul-Podlasky as Aleksandra KozełKrzysztof Kowalewski as Jan HochwanderBronisław Pawlik as StuwałaEwa Bem as SingerZofia Czerwińska as Candidate for Irena OchódzkaCezary Julski as Bald-headed Woman HusbandMarian Łącz as GasmanStanisław Mikulski as Capt. Lech Rys aka 'Uncle Dobra Rada'

The main character, nicknamed "Teddy Bear" by his friends and acquaintances, is a manager of a sports club in Poland. One day he is detained at the border just as his sport team is off to a tournament. It appears that somebody has torn out a few page...

Certified KinoPolandComedy

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