Revue Starlight: The Movie (2021)

Directed by Tomohiro Furukawa

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Momoyo Koyama as Karen Aijo (voice)Suzuko Mimori as Hikari Kagura (voice)Moeka Koizumi as Nana Daiba (voice)Maho Tomita as Maya Tendo (voice)Aina Aiba as Claudine Saijou (voice)Haruki Iwata as Mahiru Tsuyuzaki (voice)Hinata Sato as Junna Hoshimi (voice)

The stage emulates life and compresses it, setting free skills learned over lifetimes in brief but dazzling displays for the amusement and judgment of others. For the performers, it is the ultimate risk, and some will rise while others must fall. Now...


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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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