No Dogs or Italians Allowed (2023)

Directed by Alain Ughetto

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Ariane Ascaride as Cesira (voice)Alain Ughetto as Narrator (voice)Stefano Paganini as Luigi (voice)Diego Giuliani as Antonio / Luigi (voice)Christophe Gatto as Giuseppe / Severino (voice)Laurent Pasquier as Vincent (voice)Bruno Fontaine as Nino / Gérard / Un ouvrier français (voice)

Early 20th century, in the Ughetto family's home village, Ughettera, Northern Italy. Life in the region had become very difficult and the Ughettos dreamed of a better life abroad. Legend has it that Luigi Ughetto crossed the Alps and started a new li...


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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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