Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Directed by Terry GilliamTerry Jones

4.93/5 from 52 ratings (rate this movie on Facebook or Discord with `!rate Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) X.X/5`)

Graham Chapman as King Arthur / Voice of God / Middle Head / Hiccoughing GuardJohn Cleese as Second Swallow-Savvy Guard / The Black Knight / Peasant 3 / Sir Launcelot the Brave / Taunting French Guard / Tim the EnchanterEric Idle as Dead Collector / Peasant 1 / Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Launcelot / First Swamp Castle Guard / Concorde / Roger the Shrubber / Brother MaynardTerry Gilliam as Patsy / Green Knight / Old Man from Scene 24 (Bridgekeeper) / Sir Bors / Animator / Gorilla HandTerry Jones as Dennis's Mother / Sir Bedevere / Left Head / Prince Herbert / Voice of Cartoon ScribeMichael Palin as First Swallow-Savvy Guard / Dennis / Peasant 2 / Right Head / Sir Galahad the Pure / Narrator / King of Swamp Castle / Brother Maynard's Brother / Leader of The Knights Who Say NI!Connie Booth as The Witch

King Arthur, accompanied by his squire, recruits his Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot and Sir Galahad the Pure. On the way, Arthur battles the Black ...

Certified KinoUnited KingdomAdventureFantasyComedy

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