Memoria (2021)

Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

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Tilda Swinton as Jessica HollandAgnes Brekke as Karen HollandDaniel Giménez Cacho as Juan OspinaJerónimo Barón as Mateo OspinaJuan Pablo Urrego as Young Hernán BedoyaJeanne Balibar as Agnes CerkinskyAída Morales as Vendedora

A Scottish orchid farmer visiting her ill sister in Bogota, Colombia, befriends a young musician and a French archaeologist in charge of monitoring a century-long construction project to tunnel through the Andes mountain range. Each night, she is bot...

ChinaColombiaGermanyFranceUnited KingdomMexicoQatarThailandFantasyDramaMystery

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