Marketa Lazarová (1967)

Directed by František Vláčil

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František Velecký as MikolášMagda Vášáryová as Markéta LazarováIvan Palúch as AdamPavla Polášková as AlexandraVlastimil Harapes as KristiánMichal Kozuch as LazarJosef Kemr as KozlíkNaďa Hejná as KateřinaJaroslav Moučka as JanZdeněk Kutil as Reiner

Mikolás and his brother Adam end up with a young German hostage of noble blood during a robbery. While their clan prepares for the wrath of the German king, Mikolás is sent to pressure his neighbor Lazar into a defense pact. Persuasion fails and he a...

Certified KinoGermanyCzechoslovakiaDramaHistory

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