Let the Right One In (2008)

Directed by Tomas Alfredson

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Kåre Hedebrant as OskarLina Leandersson as EliPer Ragnar as HåkanHenrik Dahl as ErikKarin Bergquist as YvonnePeter Carlberg as LackeIka Nord as VirginiaMikael Rahm as JockeKarl-Robert Lindgren as GöstaAnders T. Peedu as Morgan

Set in 1982 in the suburb of Blackeberg, Stockholm, twelve-year-old Oskar is a lonely outsider, bullied at school by his classmates; at home, Oskar dreams of revenge against a trio of bullies. He befriends his twelve-year-old, next-door neighbor Eli,...

Certified KinoSwedenDramaHorror

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