Le Trou (1960)

Directed by Jacques Becker

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Michel Constantin as Geo CassineJean Keraudy as Roland DarbanPhilippe Leroy as Manu BorelliRaymond Meunier as Vossellin / MonseigneurMarc Michel as Claude GaspardJean-Paul Coquelin as Le lieutenant GrinvalAndré Bervil as Le directeur de la prisonEddy Rasimi as BouboulePhilippe Dumat as Un gardienAlbert Augier as Un gardien

Four prison inmates have been hatching a plan to literally dig out of jail when another prisoner, Claude Gaspard, is moved into their cell. They take a risk and share their plan with the newcomer. Over the course of three days, the prisoners and frie...

Peak KinoFranceItalyDramaHistoryThrillerCrime

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