Ivan the Terrible, Part I (1945)

Directed by Sergei Eisenstein

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Nikolai Cherkasov as Czar Ivan IVLyudmila Tselikovskaya as Czarina Anastasia RomanovnaSerafima Birman as Boyarina Efrosinia StaritskayaMikhail Nazvanov as Prince Andrei KurbskyMikhail Zharov as Czar's Guard Malyuta SkuratovMikhail Kuznetsov as Fyodor BasmanovPavel Kadochnikov as Vladimir Andreyevich StaritskyAndrei Abrikosov as Boyar Fyodor KolychevVsevolod Pudovkin as Nikola, Simpleton BeggarAlexander Mgebrov as Pimen, Archbishop of Novgorod

Sergei Eisenstein's final film, this is the first part of a three-part biopic of Czar Ivan Grozny, which was never completed due again to producer dissatisfaction with Eisenstein's attempts to use forbidden experimental filming techniques and excessi...

Certified KinoRussiaSoviet UnionDramaHistory

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