Hot Wheels: World Race (2003)

Directed by William LauJeff Gomez

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Andrew Francis as Vert Wheeler (voice)Brian Drummond as Kurt Wylde (voice)Michael Benyaer as Banjee Castillo (voice)Kevan Ohtsji as Taro Kitano (voice)Cusse Mankuma as Brian Kadeem (voice)Venus Terzo as Lani Tam (voice)Kasper Michaels as GIG (voice)

Recruited by the mysterious Dr. Tezla, the greatest race car drivers in the world roar onto the track - and into a mind-bending array of alternate dimensions - on a winner-take-all quest for thrills, danger and speed!......

CanadaAnimationActionScience FictionFamily

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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