Heavy Metal (1981)

Directed by Pino Van LamsweerdeJohn BrunoJimmy T. MurakamiGerald PottertonJohn HalasPaul SabellaHarold WhitakerJack StokesBarrie NelsonJulian Harris

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Rodger Bumpass as Hanover Fiste / Dr. Anrak (voice)Jackie Burroughs as Katherine (voice)Joe Flaherty as Lawyer / General (voice)Harold Ramis as Zeke (voice)John Candy as Desk Sergeant / Dan / Den / Robot (voice)Don Francks as Grimaldi / Co-Pilot / Barbarian (voice)Caroline Semple as Girl (voice)

CanadaAdventureFantasyAnimationScience FictionMusic

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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