Germany Year Zero (1948)

Directed by Roberto Rossellini

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Edmund Moeschke as EdmundErnst Pittschau as Il PadreIngetraud Hinze as EvaFranz-Otto Krüger as Karl-HeinzErich Gühne as Il maestroHeidi Blänkner as Frau RademakerJo Herbst as JoBarbara Hintz as ThildeKarl Krüger as Il medicoAlexandra Manys as Amica di Eva

The final film in Rossellini's war film trilogy (the first two being Rome, Open City and Paisà). Germany Year Zero takes place in post-war Germany, unlike the others, which take place in German-occupied Rome and post-war Italy, respectively. The stor...

Certified KinoGermanyFranceItalyDramaWar

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