Family Guy Presents: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (2009)

Directed by Peter ShinDominic PolcinoJames Purdum

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H. Jon Benjamin as Carl as Yoda (voice) (as Jon Benjamin)James Woods as James Woods as General Veers (voice)Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin as Han Solo / Brian Griffin as Chewbacca / Stewie Griffin as Darth Vader / Glenn Quagmire as C-3PO / Dr. Elmer Hartman as General Rieekan / Carter Pewterschmidt as Emperor Palpatine / Aaron Sorkin / Cookie Monster / Man / George Takei / Dagobah Man / Commander #2 / Driver / Ringo Starr / Empire Member #2 / Pilot #1 (voice)Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin as Princess Leia / OnStar Voiceover / Empire Member's Wife / Robot Wife (voice)Seth Green as Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker (voice)Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin as Giant Space Slug (voice)Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown as R2-D2 / John Herbert as Obi-Wan Kenobi / Bruce the Performance Artist as Captain Piett / Consuela (voice)

United States of AmericaFantasyAnimationComedyScience Fiction

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